Marquel Russell: Assists Entrepreneurs To Acquire Quality Clients

If you’re looking for top-tier clients for your enterprise, there’s no disputing that Marquel Russell is well equipped to assist you to acquire the right coaches, providers, and consultants that are sure to reel in such clientele.   Better renowned as “The King In Client Attraction”, Marquel is an inspirational speaker, rapid business strategist, and coach. Moreover, Marquel is the founder and the maker of the Client Attraction University, which is an advertising consultancy agency.     Together with his own team, Marquel has assisted customers to scale their businesses to more than $20 million in terms of revenue. 2020 proved to be a remarkable year at Client Attraction University. In the second-quarter of the year, they doubled their first-quarter numbers.   So, how did they achieve that feat? Marquel acknowledges the success of assisting and guiding businesses regardless of the niche. As a matter of fact, they went a step further by selling leads to customers and took the extra initiative to make sure that the companies understood how to construct their bespoke solutions and also helped them learn how to work together with their customers to automate the whole process

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